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Brown logo and stationery design of an agricultural brand that cultivates its products at Príncipe island . The second largest island in the São Tomé and Príncipe archipelago.

Santomé Beans

A modern production unit, a team of workers with large experience in the cocoa industry and committed to a relationship with local producers.

RS Project

Providing high quality Motorsport, Architectural, Engineering and Landscape projects since 2000.

Probest Seguros

Visual design of Probest Seguros website and branding development

PG Guitar Studio

Visual design of PG Guitar Studio outdoors, website and branding development

Nina Simonet video clip

Filming, photography, editing and post-production of the video clip "Noites Curtas de Inverno". Visual design and packaging production of Nina Simonet´...

Berry Royale Branding

Name and visual design of Berry Royale brand

Sentir a Maia Magazine

Art Direction, layout, and photo production of another Assembleia Municipal da Maia´s magazine

Oriental Tapestry

Oriental Tapestries, private collection catalog.

Duarte Senra Orthodontics

Duarte Senra Branding – Medical and Orthodontics Dental Clinic

Webdesign & Programming


Flexidash Video

PHC Team FX Video

Moldura Minuto Campaign

Concept Design and media planning of moldura minuto campaign

CIN 2010Trends

2010 Cin color forecast had our collaboration

Gonçalinho Mascot

Maia, a County Family

Sentir a Maia Magazine

Art Direction, layout, and photo production of another Assembleia Municipal da Maia´s publication. “Sentir a Maia”magazine.
A magazine geared towards the dissemination of the actions and decisions of the city.

“Annie” The Musical

The story of “Annie” was based on one of the most popular comic strips “Little Orphan Annie” (Annie, the little orphan) that has conquered generations of readers and that when it was passed to musical it sold out for years and years the stages of the most important cities of the world.

PHC Software Manuals

Visual Design and publishing of PHC software product manuals.

Lawyers Teixeira, Pino & Associados

Visual Design and graphic production of brand guidelines

World Press Photo 09

Since year 2000, Maia City Council invites us to promote high professional standards in photojournalism to foster a free and unrestricted exchange of information. We have created the…