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Since 2015 Santomé Beans buys pulp cocoa from local partner-producers and is entirely responsible for the next stages of transformation: Fermentation, Drying, Selection, Bagging and Transport.
Santomé Beans, a modern production unit, a team of workers with large experience in the cocoa industry and committed to a relationship with local producers that offers them stability, cooperation and on-going support to better farming and in return gives us access to the best cocoa planted in São Tomé.

To produce a cocoa of recognized quality. Combining modern management with traditional knowledge and expertise that go back many generations

Cocoa of São Tomé. A unique and exclusive taste

The cocoa of São Tomé e Príncipe is a mixture of different sub-verities, the most important being the Amelonado. The Amelonado is an aromatic Forastero with unique genetic and organoleptic characteristics, recognized by the ICCO has one of the fine and flavoured types of cocoa produced in the world.

The Amelonado

The Amelonado originates from the deep Amazon and was first introduced to the island of Príncipe in 1822 and later in São Tomé. Sheltered by the isolation of the islands the Amelonado was able to escape a number of epidemics that decimated crops in other countries like its original home country Brazil. This is one of the reasons why this sub-variety is considered so rare.


The fact that currently São Tomé only produces around 3.000 MT/ year only makes it more exclusive. Other types present in São Tomé e Príncipe are the Catongo cocoa (considered a Forastero mutation but with characteristics similar to Criollo) and the Amelonado Hybrid cocoa.

Recognized by the ICCO has one of the fine and flavoured types

The cocoa from São Tomé is therefore a mix between the Amelonado type and other local sub-varieties. It is immensely dark, powerful and intense due to its cocoa body with surprising aromatic notes. Its pronounced bitterness emerges together with a refreshing and evanescent acidity with only little sweet touches and hints of tobacco. It ends with a good and persistence cocoa flavour in the mouth and a well-balanced bitterness.

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