Brown logo design

An agricultural brand that cultivates its products at Príncipe island. The second largest island in the São Tomé and Príncipe archipelago.


This is the world’s first Biosphere Reserve by Unesco in the Sao Tome archipelago. Based on this differentiating point, we chose to design something less computerised, more human, with traces of nature marked by the passage of time. Without limiting the brand’s cultivation to one or two products, we opted to use leaves to refer to agricultural activity and the sunset to plant the image in the subconscious of the paradise island.

Príncipe is the first UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in the São Tomé archipelago, and became the first African reserve to be part of the global coastal biosphere network, proving that the relationship between man and nature is sustainable.


Our approach has always through the fusion of the symbology of the intended concept, eliminating all the elements that we consider accessories. The result reflects a pictogram without any future application problems.