Creation of the name, visual design of Berry Royale brand and its packaging.

The client plants, cares and markets top quality blueberries (Vaccinium myrtillus), thus allowing us to create a funny graphic solution by referring to a relation of the fruit name and its crown as a recognized characteristic, with the royalty of Antioxidants.

By appointment to His Majesty the King of Antioxidants Fruit Suppliers

Vaccinium myrtillus has been used for nearly 1,000 years in traditional European medicine. Vaccinium myrtillus fruits have been used in the traditional Austrian medicine internally (directly or as tea or liqueur) for treatment of disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and diabetes. Herbal supplements of V. myrtillus (bilberry) on the market are used for circulatory problems, as vision aids, and to treat diarrhea and other conditions.[3][10] In cooking, the bilberry fruit is commonly used for the same purposes as the American blueberry: pies, cakes, jams, muffins, cookies, sauces, syrups, juices, candies and so on.